My profession is Artist/Graphic Designer/Photo Re-toucher.

Beyond that petty title I am also a music enthusiast/musician, nature lover, wife, tattoo enthusiast/tattoo artist, practitioner of magic.

I am into the past more than the future, I believe in the unknown and live in video games, movies, and books more than reality. Then again who doesn't?

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"Years ago in a certain town, my reputation had gotten so bad that every time I went to a party, I was expected to burn the place down and knock out every window. So I would go into social situations and try my best to be really graceful and quiet and aloof. But sometimes when people are bearing down on you so hard, and want you to behave in a certain way, you just do it because you know you can." - Courtney Love, 1994

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Other Lives: Black Tables

Album: S/T 

When the whites of your eyes come through, 
You’ll see, something new. 
With your body and mind, restored, 
It’s good to see you back home. 

When the life in your eyes, wants black
Things return, you’ve come back. 
With your body and mind restored, 
It’s good to see you once more. 

Turning black tables…

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